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Hi there, and welcome to our first post.

I was thinking of what to write for the opening, since I have so many things on my mind right now. Perhaps the best is to begin with how we actually started SaferChild.

It was almost a year ago that I came up with the idea of creating something that would benefit families with children and does not look like a surveillance product.

It’s hard when you have to let your kids go to school alone. It’s a big step for the whole family. Driving them both ways, we always know they are safe and on time. But now, all of a sudden you have all these doubts. Will they leave home on time? Will they reach school safely and on time? Will they return home as we agreed and do their homework?

Anyway, the first thing I did was what anyone would do – educate myself on the subject. Checking the web I found out there are basically two types of products available – wearable devices and standalone smartphone apps. All are very interesting, but all had something my wife and I disliked.

We removed all the wearable devices from the scope at once. For our 9 year old wanna-look-cool this was a no-go. Show me one child at this age that is happy to explain his new tracking watch to his friends – like, “Hey, this is what my dad bought me to check up on me anytime”… Right. Wearable devices also have an issue with the battery, which don’t last long. Who in the world needs to think about when a battery will run out?

Our son has an iPhone and the most appropriate would be apps. However, we were not satisfied with the apps either. The useful part of such apps is the possibility to define a designated area around a monitored location. A parent can then receive automatic notifications once a child enters/leaves such an area. However, the problem is that these areas have a minimum diameter of 150-meters.


Can you imagine? You can receive positive notification two blocks away. That is pretty useless if you ask me.

Apps can be reliable though, but they require your kid to manually check-in. This is the only way to be sure he is at a location. However, this requires discipline and kids at this age – well, they forget. Not to mention the wanna-look-cool thing.

We wrote down a few requirements for what we would like to have:

  • discreet
  • fully automatic
  • kids wouldn’t mind using it
  • reliable
  • accurate
  • portable
  • works indoors

Wait a minute – works indoors? Now, that would be fantastic. Remember the good, old landlines? You called home at 1:30PM – if your child picked up the phone, you knew he was there. Simple. Cost effective. Reliable. Accurate.

But, wait a minute, what about school? No landline to call there. Hmm…

Still, even in old times, you had to call-up and check on your kids. Why not having a house, or school notify me immediately when he enters?

I reckon, we need to create something new. Something that can work at any location. We need something simple. Instant notification – he’s at school, at home, at his grandparents. Simple, but reliable. Every time.

That’s how SaferChild was born.

SaferChild is pre-launching

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