Did my son take our dog for a walk?

We’re a family of four living in an apartment in the city center. We have a dog named Ulla. My wife has been absent for several months now because of her work, so you can imagine that my schedule is pretty busy. In my hectic life it is Ulla who is mostly forgotten, particularly during the week. My day always starts with Ulla when I take her out in the morning and ends with her when we go for a quick last walk around the block at night. Her long afternoon walks, which were previously in my wife’s domain, are non-existent.

This of course was not good for Ulla so we had to make some changes in our daily routine.

I thought of my son who is 10. Is he mature and responsible enough to take over afternoon walks with Ulla? He comes home early. He sometimes takes Ulla out, but this is only when I explicitly ask him to. I don’t hear him complaining, but he doesn’t show much enthusiasm either. He’s a great kid, but not yet fully reliable. He’s already lost his keys twice, forgets his bike at school, forgets what he has to take to school and so on – I guess every parent with a son of his age understands what I’m talking about.

The question is how can we follow up whether Ulla was taken for her afternoon walk or not. Sometimes I had to travel for few days and the problem was even bigger. I had to call my son every day to find out if he had followed our agreement or not.

When I learned of SaferChild, I quickly got an idea on how to make this app work for my son and me. In our home, we would attach SaferChild’s smart locators to the front door and to the door to the balcony, which is where Ulla spends most of her day. When my son gets home from school, the first thing he’s got to do is take Ulla out! SafeChild allows me to create a rule where both events need to happen in sequence, in – let’s say – 10 minutes time. If not, SaferChild will remind my son of poor Ulla waiting on the balcony for her walk. If he doesn’t take Ulla for a walk in 15 more minutes, than I would receive a notification as well and can call my son to remind him of his duty.

I’m not found of helicopter parenting, but idea behind SaferChild is really great. Not only does it tell you when your children are safe at home, but it also works with objects in the home. How about other things we constantly argue about such as taking the trash out, doing homework before going out to play and so on.

Can’t wait for SaferChild to launch!

SaferChild is pre-launching

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